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December 6, 2017 - The American Endurance Ride Conference  (AERC) is thrilled to have the American Saddlebred represented in their breed recognition award program starting in 2018.  VERSA member Lisa Siderman will donate money to purchase awards to be presented at the AERC convention. The four awards will be embroidered blankets for High Endurance Mileage for Saddlebreds, High Mileage Limited Distance Saddlebreds, High Mileage Endurance for Half-Saddlebreds and High Mileage Limited Distance for Half Saddlebreds.  The American Saddlebred Endurance Recognition Award rewards "riders of Saddlebred and Half Saddlebred horses for their dedication to being on the trail and engaging other distance riders who might be candidates to buy Saddlebred horses".  VERSA's participation in this program was approved by the BOD in October of this year.  "To be eligible for the award the horse must be registered with the American Saddlebred Registry.....riders must be members in good standing of VERSA but need not be members of the ASHA".  Contact Lisa if you have any questions and visit the AERC website to learn more.  

November 30, 2017 - The American Saddlebred Horse Association and American Saddlebred Registry would like to congratulate registered American Saddlebred, New York City Slicker and owner/exhibitor, Jody Swimmer on placing in AA Intermediare I at the US Dressage Finals! “George” is the first American Saddlebred to place at this event.  ~ ASHA News

October 14, 2017 - "Following The Tail of Penny"  - My ASB mare, Radiant Roulette (aka Penny Pony), in her first season of endurance competing, just won the BC (Best Condition at finish) at the Mustang Memorial endurance ride last weekend.  She is amazing and thank you for letting me rag a little bit.  ~ Dodie Sable

October 11, 2017 - I would like to thank VERSA for their sponsorship of the American Saddlebred High Point Award for the 2017 WDAA World's event.  It was a joy for me, and on behalf of my horse to receive it.  We have been and continue to ride Western Dressage. Sadie is 10 years old and I've had her 3 1/2 years. I have a great coach who has helped me find the potential within this mare, she is an intelligent, athletic and agile horse who is one of my best teachers. Sadie is a great horse who I am very proud to ride and her character is deeply rooted in my heart.                               Sincerely , Jean-Pierre Michel 

September 23, 2017 - VERSA participated in the American Horse Council's Time to Ride program on September 23 at the National Equestrian Center in Lake St Louis Missouri. The event was affiliated with the St Louis National Charity Horse Show and volunteers from that Board helped to make this inaugural year of the event a smashing success. Leading the charge were Gina Vehige and Lucy Rangel, who have both been strong supporters of the American Saddlebred, including Saddle & Bridle qualifying classes in their horse shows across Missouri. VERSA was invited to participate with a booth and we set up where every parent and grandparent and child had to pass by to get to the petting area or to get to the gathering area for riding one of the horses brought to the event for that specific purpose. We talked to the over 300 children who arrived excited to Ride and we signed them up for a chance to win a Breyer horse of Imperator, for books and for two youth memberships to ASHA donated courtesy of Donna Smith. American Saddlebreds were well represented at the event with former VERSA board member Jean Mutrux presenting WC Absolute Empress over fences and Michele Spiegel and her students presenting the lovely pleasure mare Callie Ann to the delight of the crowds. ~ Janet Thomson

​There was a striking resemblance of this child who visited our booth to the child in the banner displayed!

September 9, 2017 - Continue to Follow THE TAIL OF PENNY 

​Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest story of Penny's progress as an endurance horse.  This is the link to her previous stories as related on one of our Spotlight pages.   And this is the website that describes her first 50 mile ride!  Enjoy! 

  In Memory of Mae Condon - Messages of praise and sadness continue to pour in.

July 28, 2017     Just a note to all of you on the Charter Club Council and those of you I thought of that had been on the council  with Mae in the past years.  Mae passed away early this morning.  No details yet on arrangements.  Just thought I would let you know, she was very active on the Charter Club Council for many years from inception up until about two or three years ago. 
~ Brenda Newell, ASHA Sr. Programs Administrator

Oh dear.  I've "leased" her box at Lexington Junior League the last 5 years.  When I couldn't reach her this year I drove to her old home and found a for sale sign.  The real estate agent called her so she could call me back.  We chatted several times that week.  She loved her new retirement home at The Willows at Citation.  I'm so very sorry she didn't get to enjoy it many more years. Mae was a wonderful lady and very dedicated to the American Saddlebred.  RIP, Mae.  ~ Leslie Reynolds

This is indeed sad news and so unexpected considering the positive contacts that Leslie has had with her recently.  I see some VERSA members are on this email list but I am going to copy the VERSA BOD.  Mae was a big asset to that organization.  ~ Joan Booth 

Yes, thank you Joan-that would be nice.  She was very instrumental in getting VERSA going.  Even to the end promoting the breed-there were pics of horses at her retirement home she just moved to but no Saddlebreds so she asked if I could bring something even a poster!!  She was a dear friend and I already miss her!  ~Brenda Newell

I had the extreme pleasure of getting to work with Mae in those beginning years of the Charter Club Council, and I treasure those memories.  She was a very dedicated lady with any task she was a part of, and was a wealth of information and experience.  ASHA, and especially the Charter Club Council, is a better organization because of her participation and influence.  Rest in Peace Mae, all of us who worked with you are better individuals because of getting to know and interact with you.  The first song that came to my mind when I read Brenda’s email was Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on That Mountain”.   It was written for people just like Mae.  Godspeed my friend.  Respectively, ~ Doug Norton

Such very sad news. Mae was an amazing woman with a passion for her beloved Saddlebreds and the Charter Club Council.  Way back "in the day" Doug Norton, Anne Byer, Barbara Molland, Susan Vine, Brian Curran, Carol Reedy and many others of us were lead through the fog of the charter club council's infancy by Mae Condon's clear thinking, grace, eternal optimism and good humor.  Mae, you have definitely left your mark on the Saddlebred world.  RIP         ~ Shelagh Roell

Mae was the link to A.S.H.A. for many of us up here in Canada. It was always a pleasure to see Mae at the Charter Club meetings in Lexington. I think Doug Norton expressed how a lot of feel about this sad news.  ~ Rick MacKenzie

So sad to hear this. She has been a great asset to us here in Sweden when we had contact occasionally through our charter club ASHA of Scandinavia.  She was always friendly and understanding and we really regret the loss.  ~ Birgitta Andersson

As everyone has said, a great loss to the Saddlebred community. Mae was always at the forefront of promoting the breed, both in the USA and particularly overseas and was long an advocate for the "versatility" of the breed, many years before the inception of VERSA etc.  Mae was always very active in promoting the Saddlebred and has been of great assistance to us over here in the UK and Europe.  A sad loss and my thoughts are with her family at this time.  ~ Lynn Jarvis 

Very sad to hear about Mae’s passing!  She was a kind and gently lady whom we had the pleasure of hosting here in Alberta many years ago.  Her enthusiasm for the Saddlebred and the passion she had regarding responsible breeding and promotion was contagious and she most definitely left her mark on our hearts while she was here.  Rest In Peace dear Mae.  ~ Raylene McWade

The Saddlebred community has lost a valued and dedicated horsewoman.  I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to Mae Condon's family and friends. RIP Mae.  ~ Lianne Picard